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SMS century uses only premium bulk sms gateways with capability to deliver to multiple routes. So you can be rest assured that all your messages will be delivered instantly. We have resolved every issue associated with Do-Not-Disturb. Get Start Now!

ROBOCALLS & Voice sms

Wanna try out voice sms or robo call for your campaign? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. You can send Voice Calls directly from your dashboard on smscentury. Our prices are unbeatable. If you find it cheaper we will definitely be hapy to beat it. Sign up now!

GSM Database

Get Verifiable and Freshly Release Nigerian GSM Phone Numbers for your Campaigns. We Update our List monthly and you can be rest assured that we have the best number for your broad cast. Our numbers are profiled by states and LGAs. Give us a call today to request for samples!

virtual recharge

You can now carry out all your virtual recharges from one account. Yes! you heard it right. If you want to buy data, recharge cards, pay utility bills, Pay your cable subscription, You No longer need to leave your house. You can now carry out all virtual recharges with us!


Whether you learning how to send bulk sms for the first time on your own or delegating to someone, SMSCentury has got you covered. We’ll provide you 24/7 access to our online portal. And your sms can as well be sent to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers on any mobile network in Nigeria. Here are the specific benefits you can experience if you choose us.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Experienced professional marketers know that it takes like 2 – 12 touch points before getting a sale. Unfortunately, doing that repetitive messaging on other platforms costs a lot of money. With our platform, there is always a package you can afford. Just click to our pricing page to sign up today.

Repetitive Brand Visibility

What actions do you want your recipients to take after reading your text? That’s what call to action is all about. The interesting is that you can measure the outcome of each campaign – how many new phone calls, clicks to your website, visits to your office or actual sales; all these can be measured to determine ROI.



From your own experience, you can tell how close people keep and use their phones on daily basis. The personal touch gives you opportunity to get the attention of prospective buyers and pass your message.


Precise Targeting

If you want to experience how effective bulk sms marketing works, location targeting messages is a must. Stop wasting your time and money on people that cannot come easily to your office address for purchases and inquiries.



Response to your broadcast can happen instantly. And there are studies that prove that 95% of phone users often read their text within five minutes. You can’t compare this to email, posters or billboard.


Higher Response Rate

With BulkSMS Advertising, you can reach a bigger number of prospects at the same time and an instant ROI is always guaranteed. SMScentury gives you the opportunity to reach active prospect with purchasing power with ease.

Communication is a means of interaction between multiple parties, and this process is essential as the dissemination of information is very important and plays a vital role in this modern age. However, not every individual has access to automated texting platforms that could easily pass for the best bulk SMS service in Nigeria.

Almost every individual in Nigeria has access to a mobile phone, and the reliance on this device is immense, as it promotes easy communication between multiple parties. The concept of SMS, Short Messaging Service in phones is one that has come to stay and will be around for a while, as mobile phone users have the advantage of being accessed easily, and this where the need for a reliable Provider of Bulk SMS in Nigeria comes in.

Imagine where you have to send urgent messages to at least a thousand people within a short period of time, so they can be informed of a particular development. How do you go about this? What reliable platforms are available that can guarantee this speedily? Are you aware of any reliable mobile advertising companies in Nigeria that can offer you optimum service delivery to ensure you reach your targeted audience with ease and less hassle?

Well, you are here, and in dire need of this and that’s why you’ve landed on this page. With regards to the questions above, many SMS services exist in Nigeria in the mold of Bulk SMS Nigeria, SMSmobile24, smartsmssolutions, netbulksms etc. However, only a handful can offer a good percentage of optimum service delivery when rated to ensure that their customers enjoy the services they demand with fewer hitches.

SMS Century has identified the need for customers to derive utility from the use of bulkSMS in Nigeria and has stepped into the bulk SMS business to ensure that customers get what they pay for with regards to quality service.

The services we offer to our existent and potential clients are top notch with state of the art methodologies and technologies to ensure that the service they derive from our offering gives them exactly what they want. We all know that bulk SMS has to do with sending a good number of textmessages to various recipients who might be in different geographical locations and this requires an aggregator  with a bulk SMS API that has all the functionalities to prevent any interference that may result in some recipients receiving, and others not receiving.

SMS Century adopts various strategies to ensure that every possibility of a recipient not getting your broadcast is eliminated. There are various reasons why all mobile phone users won’t have access to text-messages. However, in our bid to emerge as the best and most reliable bulk SMS provider in Nigeria, we’ve put plans and measures in place to ensure that these challenges are solved, therefore, resulting in us gradually being established as one of the bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria with the happiest and most satisfied customer base.

There is also the challenge of dnd numbers when it comes to bulk messaging in Nigeria. Dnd numbers activation are mobile phone numbers that have been restricted from receiving text from unsolicited adverts. There are many individuals with such phone numbers and this could pose a major threat to the subject of seamless information dissemination with bulkSMS platforms in Nigeria. Imagine where you have hundreds or thousands of numbers, and a large percentage of the numbers to be communicated to are dnd numbers? What if the high profile or key players in whatever meeting you have organized have dnd activated on their lines? The person or group of persons might not be available for the meeting, and this ultimately results in the failure of the objective for which the customer or client resorted to bulk messaging, and this means that the customer is not satisfied as the Mobile SMS campaign was a failure.

This is no challenge to SMS Century. We didn’t step into the bulkSMS business to fail. We are not set up to give excuses. There are solutions we’ve found for this challenge when it comes to textMessaging delivery. In our quest to be established as a major player and reliable telemarketing company out of africa, we have adopted these custom and tailor-made solutions to ensure that every possibility of a glitch in our delivery through our bulk SMS Gateway is eliminated in advance. That’s a major reason why you should patronize us. We are a proactive tech company with aim to provide our customers with the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria.

The technologies prevalent at SMS Century also eliminates every possibility of service failure with regards to the various network providers in Nigeria. It is a no-brainer that the various individuals or groups who’ll receive these bulk-messages operate mobile phones or devices with different service providers whose network infrastructure varies. This is no challenge to us, as connect to premium gateways that garantees instant delivery accross all networks. Our Portal is routinely checked, tested and upgraded to meet the criteria of the technology that every existent and emerging network service provider demands, for bulk messaging to be a success on their platform.

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